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Sing Song Yoga™

posted February 6, 2012 by Moms in Tow

The television does not typically invite children to be active, but this DVD is the exception.  Winter in southwest Michigan can be long.  With the kids cooped up in the house for months, it’s great to find a high quality, healthy movement activity for them to do inside.  Sing Song Yoga™ is a children’s yoga program that uses songs to teach the poses. Deb Weiss-Gelmi is a yoga instructor, early education teacher and mom who has teamed up with Kairos Productions of Grand Rapids to produce a uniquely enchanting and effective yoga video for kids. By singing her instructions in rhyme, Deb makes everything easy to follow and remember. Real kids, from preschool to grade school, work with her on each pose in the DVD. Beautifully taped and produced, this is a wonderful resource for families, schools and after school programs, promoting relaxation, control, strength and flexibility. (44 Min.)

Educational researchers are finding a link between music & movement and success in school.  One researcher, Shirley Handy discusses the 3 M’s: music, movement and merriment.  The 3 M’s naturally increase the positive neurotransmitters and peptides in the brain, which are associated with memory, with new learning, and with the ability to pay attention.  When the 3 M’s are combined in one activity it is especially brain-friendly which gives children a head start to learning.  Sing Song Yoga™ specifically incorporates the 3 M’s.

Yoga in general has countless benefits.  It strengthens, stretches and tones the body.  It helps children gain self-confidence while building coordination and skill level.  It increases blood flow to the brain thereby enhancing mental functioning.  Yoga can also help alleviate stress, which children need just as much as adults.

Weiss-Gelmi is currently on maternity leave, but teaches her program at the Yoga Studio in Grand Rapids ( and through Zeeland Recreation.  The DVD is a wonderful way for your children to reap the benefits of yoga while Deb is on leave.  She has also written a curriculum for schools and groups to use as a supplement to the DVD and is now available through the publisher.  She is thrilled to share her program with children, parents, and educators everywhere!

Sing Song Yoga™ is a Moms in Tow partner and offers a great discount on the DVD (and also the classes at the Yoga Studio in GR). MiT members can find a discount code for the DVDS on the Sing Song Yoga™ page (you must be logged in to see the discount code). Buy yours today and start enjoying it with your kids!

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