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NEW (Free) Playland at Central Wesleyan Church

posted March 6, 2017 by Moms in Tow (Kara)

The free Playland opened at Central Wesleyan Church this past Friday, and we were so excited to go check it out!

(Their winter hours: Monday 9-5, Tue & Wed 11-5, Thurs 9-11am, Fri 11-8, Sat 11-4, Closed Sunday)

Their website ( said to enter at door "D"

and then we just followed the signs, up the stairs, to the entrance.

If you haven't been there before, someone will take your names and your phone number. Then, and each time after that, you will enter your phone number on the touch screens to sign in. Wristbands print off for the kids to wear, and there is a name tag for the adult. When you leave, you throw your wristbands and name tag in a bucket so they know to sign you out.

The main structure is pretty large! Our girls are 3 and 4, and get a little intimidated by the big kids (especially if there are bigger boys who tend to be a little more "intense", ha!) and they aren't huge climbers, so they were a little too nervous to spend more than 10 seconds on the main structure. But a sign on the larger play structure said it was "designed for children 2 thru 12 years". And while I saw a couple toddlers on the main play structure as well, most of the kids were at least 3-5, with kids looking even around 10 who were really enjoying it. I think it just depends on your kids! Most of the main structure seemed large enough, that if I had had the chance, I am sure I would have even enjoyed it! :)


On one side of the main play structure are a few picnic tables : our picture is looking at them from just outside because I didn't want to freak out the parents sitting there by taking their picture :) ,

and the other side has a smaller play structure. 


There is also one "family restroom" located near the smaller play structure. 

Even though apparantly the small structure is for 6-months to 2 years old, my opinion would be that it would be tough for most kids under two to really enjoy it, unless they are good climbers. It isn't really geared torwards infants to enjoy for too long. Again though, that can depend on your kids and how big/adventurous they are :)

Just outside of Playland is a small coffee shop with a few basic food and beverage selections. 


Overall, our girls seemed to enjoy it! We will definitely be making more trips here.

If you are looking for another indoor play area in Holland, don't forget that there is "The Park" at Engedi Church, and "The Jungle" at Christ Memorial Church that are also both free. Our overall favorite (and place we can easily spend the most time for the age our girls are) is still Meg's Playhouse! (and don't forget, MiT members get $1 off each child at Meg's Playhouse!) 

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