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Meats Made Easy! Local Review : HarvestBox

posted February 24, 2016 by Moms in Tow (Kara)

What is it?

HarvestBox was started by Byron Center Meats to create a better way to eat meat. They wanted a better way to connect families directly with family-owned farms, thoughtfully raised and healthy meats, with convenient delivery. Byron Center Meats has over 70 years of meat processing experience.

Meats (beef, pork, salmon, and chicken) are packaged and shipped directly to you.The meats are free from antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, and animal byproducts and has been fed and raised naturally and humanely. Products are cut by hand, vacuum sealed and flash frozen.


How it works

You can choose a sampler package if you want to try it or are just looking for smaller quantities, or choose from the larger bundle packages. They ship every Monday, with the meat in heavy duty insulated coolers with dry ice. No signature is required, so the driver will leave the box at an exterior door. An important thing to note is that shipping cost is included in the price you see while shopping. But, if you are local, you can choose to pick up your package in Byron Center, and you will receive a gift certificate to Byron Center Meats. 


Our order

We received the Grill Meister Sample (2 delmonico steaks, 2 chicken breasts, 3 ground beef patties, and 12 oz. smoked bacon) I came home to find the box, sitting by our front door.

When you open the outer box, you will see the insulated cooler.

Inside the insulated cooler is the dry ice on top of your box of packaged meats.

The meats are mostly packaged individually, but also could be coupled together. Our steaks and chicken were each individually, with the 3 beef patties in one package, and the bacon in another.

They were all still frozen rock solid. Since they were already pre-packaged, all I had to do was throw them in my freezer (and not separate them myself like I usually do from the store). Easy!

There was also a variety of information about thawing the meats, internal cooking temperatures, and information about the farm where the meat came from.

We aren’t huge meat connoisseurs, but I had no complaints about the quality of the meat. No excess fat, they all thawed out great, and cooked up well!

The HarvestBox website also has a variety of recipies. We tried the “Gourmet Chicken Breasts”  and it was fantastic.



I really appreciated the ease of this service!

As a mom, having a package with a variety meats delivered right to my door saved me so much time at the store. The idea of being able to shop for high-quality meat from home is priceless. A huge component of our main meal as a family could be made with so much less effort! Also knowing that the meat is healthier than most options in the store makes you feel better about what you are feeding your family.

My only (very minor) complaint was that I would have preferred the patties to not be bundled in 3 (we only needed 2 since our daughter eats 2 bites of burgers - so used the left over for spaghetti the next day). Depending on your family size, this might not even be a minor thing at all.

This isn’t low grade meat, so it is not the cheapest : but if you value healthier, quality meat, then this option is definitely worth it and the delivery and convenient packaging is a bonus! According to their website though "when comparing price per pound, HarvestBox meat bundles cost up to 40% less than our competitors and offer more servings per bundle." 

++HarvestBox is holding a sale until the end of March : 10% off their bundles!

We are required to acknowledge that Moms in Tow received a sample package from HarvestBox at no cost to provide a review for this product. However, we promise to still reflect our honest opinion in this review!

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