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Grocery Delivery : Pros and Cons

posted May 29, 2017 by Moms in Tow (Kara)

Recently, Shipt started grocery delivery at the Holland Meijer stores. And I have heard a lot of moms declaring their excitment or asking about it.

I, personally, started having Shipt deliver to my husband's office a few months ago (knowing that they would be coming to Holland this year) so in case you are wondering if Shipt is for you, I thought I would share my thoughts on it as a mom  :)


It definitely is convenient. I build up my grocery list as I think of them, right on the app from my phone. I have been able to get a variety of products. From body wash to dog food to apples to ground beef. Sometimes, I have not been able to find the exact item I know that they have in the store, so there is an option to add a special request (at which point I just go to meijer's website, find the product, and just copy/paste). I havent really tried to buy toys or seasonal items, for example, but that may be something you could try to add in the special request box.

You get to choose if you want the shopper to contact you for substitutions, use their best judgement, or just not substitue if something is unavailable. Just make sure you will be available for texts the hour before your delivery if you want them to contact you about substitutions. 

You can add notes for products. I was a little concerned I would get bruised/moldy strawberries, etc. but I usually always note on certain items to "only purchase if fresh" or something to that nature. For me, so far my fruit, etc has come in good shape.

If you have a hard time searching for a particular item, I have found that if you get either more/less specific, you might be able to find it easier. For example, use the name brand in the search if the exact item you want is not showing up/the results are too many.

You get to choose an hour window for delivery, but I feel like most of our deliverys have been on the earlier end, and the shopper usually lets you know when they are on their way. Something important to note is that a tip is somewhat expected. After delivery, you are sent a receipt and given the option to rate your delivery person and add a tip.  


Some of the pros:

- You can grocery shop any time! Like in your pajamas while you drink wine!

- No impulse buys. (when I go grocery shopping, especially with my kids, sometimes our bill is double what we really needed to get that day)

- Easier to budget. You get to see the total of your groceries as you add items to your cart. So if you want to stick to a certain amount, you have the convenience of removing items you may not really need. 

- Delivery, delivery, delivery. You don't have to wrangle kids in and out of the car and around the store. And, if availbable, can get delivery within up to an hour.


But some of the cons:

- You can not use Mperks.

- Shipt also charges a percentage higher per product (sometimes 15%) I have noticed some items were the same price, some were a little bit higher. They do have "sales" and if you are really careful and not picky, I think you get your cart close to regular store price. 

- You can't shop the sales. I am pretty sure sales like "10 for 10" sales at Meijer don't apply when shopping Shipt, since Shipt prices are their own, but I can't say that with 100% certainty.

- No booze. Sorry winos, but no alcohol delvivery. 


Overall, I feel like it is a great service. The only reasons it may not be a good fit for you are if you like to pick out your own produce/etc or if you like to get the absolute best deals. The convenience is great for your general grocery shopping.  I do find that I do stop in the store myself on occasion if I want to take the time to look at options in person myself, or are driving by the store without kids and all I need is coffee creamer. 

They also offer gift memberships! So just another option for a gift for a mom you may know! 


Right now, they are offering two weeks free and $15 off your first grocery order. So you can head over to if you want to sign up and veryify that Shipt delivers to your zip code. 

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  • May 29, 2017 at 10:28pm
    by Moms in Tow (Kara)

    Let us know if you have any questions!

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