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posted January 8, 2015 by Moms in Tow (Kara)

We like to give back.

We have had a lot of great people and organizations around us - and we want to do what we can to give back. For 2015, we have decided to donate $5 from each membership/renewal to three organizations. Here are the three organizations & the stories that connect us to them.



A part of YoungLIFE - YoungLives seemed like a natural fit for us since it benefits teenage moms. But we have a couple connectins: My husband, Nate, is a YoungLife adult leader, but there is an amazing couple we have gotten to know, who is involved with YoungLives, that blow us away with their story. To keep it short: they worked faithfully with teenage moms who accidently got pregnant, while they themselves were trying to get pregnant and eventually had to give up on the dream of having a child of their own. They have since adopted two wonderful boys, but I can not imagine the heartache they were going through during their infertility treatments, as they watched these girls so "easily" become mothers. And yet: the mission to these girls was so important to them. To see how much they value that program, makes us value it too.


While we have no personal connection with this one, it doesn't mean that it doesn't mean a lot to us. I can't imagine the heartache for a mother to realize that she won't be able to afford such a simple necessity for their child. While we definitely will not be one of their biggest contributors, hopefully we can help a little to make sure no mother is turned away.


We have the strongest personal connection with this one. Bethany's dedication to children, birth mothers, adoptive partents, and their global initiative to help keep families together speak strongly to our hearts. We started the international adoption process in 2011 with Bethany. Their core values really affirmed our choice to work with them. Our personal story of adoption has been long, and full of many challenges - yet all of which we are thankful for, even though we are still waiting over three years later. Feel free to follow our story :)


If you are a member: thank you for helping us give back.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or comments regarding our giving back campains.

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