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Gift Basket for New Moms

posted May 30, 2018 by Moms in Tow (Kara)

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Moms in Tow recently provided a gift basket for a fundraising event, and I thought I would share our "New Mom Survival Kit" gift basket in case anyone wanted some inspiration for a little something for a new mom you know! 

Obviously, I think some of the best "gifts" I have gotten are meals/snacks/wine, clean bathrooms, or free hands to take a shower! But for those times you just want to drop something off to let a new mom know you are thinking of her and to lift her spirits to get through those first weeks (or months! A little "surprise" on a mom's doorstep who is going through the 4 month sleep regression would make her all happy-cry-giddy)

I put thise whole basket together for about $60 (the beverage containers are what bumped the price up quite a bit!) but you could obviously just pick a few things and it would make a great gift too.

1) Hot beverage cup : so you don't have to microwave your cold cup of coffee 5 times. 2) Mothers Milk Tea to give a breastfeeding mom a little boost. 3) Starbucks Instant coffee gives the "specialty" coffee feel without having to drag yourself out of the house. 


1) Lemonade packets to help spruce up all that water you (still!) have to drink. 2) A good water bottle, with a straw, feels like a luxary when (again) drinking all the water.


1) Lactation cookies for breastfeeding mamas, because eating something yummy that could help give your supply a boost is always great. 2) Chocolate, because.. chocolate. 3) KIND bars, healthy and no fuss snacks are always a win.


1) Facial mask for when they get a few minutes to pamper themselves. 2) Underarm & 3) facial wipes for when you havent gotten a shower in two days and just want to feel human but only have 5 seconds to do it. 4 & 5) hand sanitizer because nobody wants a sick baby. 6)Dry shampoo, again for that quick pick me up on those no shower days. 

Obviously, we think this + a Moms in Tow gift membership would be a pretty awesome gift for every mom ;)


AND GUESS WHAT?! We want to give away this exact basket away to a Moms in Tow member!  Make sure you are logged into your MiT account and CLICK HERE to enter :) -> THIS GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED, THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ENTERED AND CONGRATS TO JAMIE D!

(deadline to enter is midnight, Sunday May 3!)  

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