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Are you making time for you?

posted March 31, 2015 by Moms in Tow (Kara)

Ok moms. Summer is coming.

For some of us, we are excited because this means getting outside, family vacations and memories, and good excuses to make frozen margaritas. For others of us this means that we are going to be juggling way more than we need to, out of wack schedules, and some long days.

Either category leads to mamas who are going to be putting in lots more family time in the coming months. While it is so important to absorb all these moments with out families - we can't forget that we still have to make time for ourselves. 

Here are a few of our tips to make sure to get some "me-time".

Schedule some time out. Either by yourself or with other friends/moms (whatever you need). Set "the third Wednesday night of the month" for a time to connect with a group of friends, a time for you to get out and wander around Target alone. Either schedule this with the husband, grandma, or trade babysitting time with a friend or neighbor.

Morning mom time. If you can manage it: get up a 1/2 hour earlier and just sit with your coffee and read a devotional, go for a quiet run, or whatever it is that can you can use to re-charge and focus on yourself.

Pamper yourself. Go to the spa or salon if you can afford to. Otherwise take a hot bath, paint your nails, or drink a cup of hot chocolate (with Baileys?).

Don't be afraid to say no. Don't feel like just because it is summer you have to have something planned every day or that you have to go on every playdate. If you or your kids need a lazy day at home to play in sprinklers and chalk up the entire driveway, use that time to enjoy a day of no special "to dos". If you say yes to everything, you will feel stressed when trying to get in family time, which will leave you feeling quilty when you try to make time for yourself.

Take a nap. You work hard girl! Do not feel guilty if you check your video monitor and are jealous of the drolling toddler you see. Not only do you keep up with that child, but the emotional roller coaster they keep you on is an energy-hog, and then you have to do your own mom-chores on top of all of that. A well rested mama is a happy mama! 

Don't be perfect. You are making the rest of us look bad. Plus, if you are holding your expectations too high, you will never feel fullfilled, and it is just plain exhausting. You are doing a great job mama. Your kids are amazing and beautiful and ate something today. Running after kids in your high school gym shorts counts as a work out just as much as running five miles in the latest neon sports bra. 

Spend time with just your husband. It is amazing how often we skip this one. Your partnership together is so important on so many levels. Remember how special your husband made you feel when you were first dating? Things are obviously different, but you can still help re-charge each other. Don't feel like your marriage looks weak because you want to go to a marriage conference or you buy marriage building books. Don't make this a movie date or busy resteraunt date. This is one on one time to just focus on being together. Quality time together, laughing together, sharing intimate thoughts, discussing dreams, and physical contact are important ways to recharge as a couple, and in turn recharging yourself. 


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